FAQ Carnac: Frequently Asked Questions

How many inhabitants are there in Carnac?

The town of Carnac has 4,337 inhabitants (year 2020) according to the latest figures from INSEE in effect as of January 1, 2023.

How many beaches are there in Carnac?

There are officially 6 beaches in Carnac.

  • The main beach of Carnac
  • Saint-Colomban beach
  • Légenèse beach
  • Ty Bihan beach
  • Beaumer beach

It’s important to note that Beaumer beach is divided into two, and that the coves or small beaches of the customs path of Saint-Colomban are not taken into account.

What are the campgrounds in Carnac?

There are 16 campgrounds in Carnac.

  • La Grande Métairie
  • Camping Les Menhirs
  • Le Rosnual Carnac (Côté Ô)
  • Le Moustoir
  • Le Moulin de Kermaux
  • Camping Le Dolmen
  • Camping Le Lac
  • Camping Les Druides
  • Les Bruyères
  • Camping de l’Étang
  • Camping de Kérabus

Where are the menhirs of Carnac located?

The famous alignments of Carnac and its thousands of menhirs are located to the north of Carnac at the entrance to the town and the main road coming from Auray. The alignment site itself is oriented from East to West and stretches over several kilometers from the Ménec area to the outskirts of La Trinité-sur-Mer.

Who built the alignments of Carnac?

The alignments of Carnac were erected by prehistoric men during the Neolithic period, between -5,000 and -4,500 years before Christ. The site was restored at the end of the 19th century under the initiative of James Miln and Zacharie Le Rouzic.

What is the cost of visiting the alignments of Carnac?

It is possible to explore the entire park of the alignments of Carnac on one’s own and for free, a pedestrian path runs alongside all the sites. During the summer season from April to September, however, it is not directly possible to enter the alignments. Various guided tour formats exist to explore the alignments while benefiting from explanations, prices vary depending on the tour guide and the format: guided tour, hiking, segway, etc.

What is a Cromlech?

A Cromlech (sometimes spelled cromlech) is a circle formed by standing stones (menhirs). In the past, cromlechs were called druidic circles, a term no longer used today.

What is the largest beach in Carnac?

The main beach of Carnac located on the Boulevard de la plage is the largest beach in Carnac. It is nearly 2 km long.

Which beach in Carnac is suitable for shellfish picking?

Beaumer beach and the neighboring Men Du beach are the most popular beaches for shellfish pickers. It is possible to find cockles, razor clams, clams, and other mollusks and crustaceans buried in the sand. Although shellfish picking is possible at each low tide, it’s generally the tides with high coefficients (90 and +) that see hordes of shellfish pickers equipped with buckets and rakes.

Is it possible to surf in Carnac?

There are no beaches suitable for surfing in Carnac. Except for a few stormy days, the beaches are relatively protected from the waves by the Quiberon peninsula. For surfers, the best option is to head to the beaches of Plouharnel (Mané Guen “Les crevettes” beach or Sainte-Barbe beach) or the wild coast of Quiberon (Port Bara, Port Blanc) for experienced surfers.

What are the campsites located at Carnac Plage?

There is only one campsite in the proper area of Carnac Plage: Le camping des Menhirs. However, several campsites exist in the surrounding areas and near the beaches such as Le camping de l’Océan (Beaumer), Le camping du Men-Du (Beaumer), Le camping Les Druides (Beaumer), Le camping Le Dolmen (Beaumer), and the camping Les Salines.

Is there a casino in Carnac?

Yes, the seaside resort of Carnac has a casino, the Casino Circus.