10 Things to do in Carnac

1. The Carnac Alignments

A visit to the Carnac Alignments, 3,000 menhirs (upright granite slabs), spread across 6 parks, is a must-do for any traveler visiting the seaside town for the first time. A jump 7,000 years into the past, to the Neolithic era, to discover an exceptional archaeological wonder.

It is possible to explore the parks on your own as the path is well laid out and marked. However, to fully appreciate the discovery of the Carnac site, we recommend joining a guided tour to benefit from detailed explanations and to learn about the theories, tales, and local legends surrounding the alignment site.

The entire alignment site is quite large, spanning just over 4 km. It will take you about two hours of walking to go back and forth from the House of Megaliths. Another interesting option is to tour the site by bike, segway, or electric scooter.

2. The Carnac Thalasso

Carnac is not only famous for its menhirs but is also a popular thermal destination. During a stay in Carnac, why not schedule a day of relaxation and fitness at the Carnac Thalassotherapy (Thalazur)? It’s a great way to unwind after visiting the menhirs or on a cloudy day.

The Carnac thalasso offers a range of Ecocert certified treatments for 100% organic cures. There is also a water area with numerous seawater whirlpools, as well as a spa equipped with a sauna and a steam room to relax. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating break during your stay in Carnac.

3. Carnac Beaches

Carnac boasts an exceptional seafront, with 6 beaches to explore. Make sure to visit each of them to enjoy the unique charm they offer.

For the more athletic among you, we recommend walking along the seafront from Kerivor beach to Beaumer beach. A walk of about 1h30 that will introduce you to the customs trails and the secluded little coves that Carnac has to offer.

After a long day lounging on the beaches of Carnac, there’s nothing like enjoying a good ice cream. Luckily, Carnac is full of ice cream shops, mainly located around Miln avenue. So, is it Igloo or Moustache ice cream? If you’re torn, the best thing is to try both.

4. The Dolmens

Famous for its menhirs, Carnac is also renowned for its many dolmens scattered throughout the resort. These age-old curiosities are still the subject of legends and superstitions tied to the local folklore.

The dolmens, literally “stone tables”, are spread throughout the municipality. There are 10 dolmens to discover in Carnac. Visually, the dolmens resemble a large granite table. To visit them all, however, it’s necessary to use your car or to go by bike.

Mané-Kerioned Dolmen in Carnac

5. The Market

The town of Carnac organizes two weekly markets, on Wednesday mornings and Sunday mornings, all year round. These are held in Carnac Ville on the St Fiacre parking lot (opposite St Michel College). An evening market (starting at 6 pm) is also organized every Thursday during the months of July and August.

Join in and wander the markets of Carnac to discover local products and the small artisans of Morbihan. Lovers of andouille (from Plouharnel or Guémené), Kouign-amann or the traditional sausage crepe will delight their taste buds.

Deserted coastal path of Saint Colomban in Carnac

6. The Tumulus of Carnac

Fancy a high vantage point? Then climb to the highest point of Carnac, the Carnac Tumulus or the Saint-Michel tumulus. Located just a short distance from the town center, this large artificial mound (a cairn dating back to the Neolithic era) offers a unique view of the city.

The interior of the Tumulus is not open to the public, but the panoramic view it provides is well worth a visit. For the more adventurous, embark on a discovery of the Saint-Michel fountain, and then head towards the Toulchigna alignments through the woods.

View of the Saint Michel Tumulus in Carnac

7. The Casino

Carnac is both a seaside and spa town, which allows it to have a gaming Casino: The Casino Circus of Carnac. A medium-sized casino with 92 slot machines and several traditional game tables, such as the famous Blackjack.

Beware, gambling can be entertaining, but they pose addiction risks. Play responsibly and always set limits for yourself.

Deserted coastal path of Saint Colomban in Carnac

8. The Saint-Cornély Church

The Saint-Cornély Church in Carnac is a Catholic church dating from the end of the 17th century, dedicated to Saint Cornély, the patron saint and protector of horned animals. His statue is placed above the entrance pediment.

Saint-Cornély is a very beautiful church, especially for its paneled vaults decorated with religious frescoes covering over 750 m². A must-visit during your stay in Carnac.

Granite façade of the Saint-Cornély church in Carnac

9. The Kercado Tumulus

The Kercado Tumulus is a small cairn from the Neolithic era. Hidden among the woods, it’s located about 1 km from the alignments of Carnac. The structure is remarkably preserved, and it’s possible to enter it to access the old burial chamber through a short corridor. Even though it’s often overlooked in travel guides for Carnac, this site is definitely worth a visit.

Although the Kercado cairn is located on private property, access is free and allowed. However, it’s common to leave a small contribution for the visit and maintenance of this historical monument.

Entrance of the Kercado tumulus surrounded by woods

10. The Oyster Parks

Carnac is also renowned for its oyster parks, dedicated to oyster production. The Bay of Plouharnel and the Pô cove offer a protected environment, ideal for oyster farming.

Explore the picturesque Pô road and indulge in an oyster tasting at one of the local producers like Tibidy, Le Priol, Ty Naod, or Ty Huitres. An authentically Breton experience, combining tradition, freshness, and quality.

View of the Pô cove in Carnac with moored boats