The 6 Beaches of Carnac

The Grande Plage of Carnac

The Grande Plage of Carnac, with nearly 2 km in length, is the largest beach in the seaside resort of Carnac. It faces south, making it an ideal beach for sunbathing. The beach is separated from the beach boulevard by small dunes. The boulevard offers numerous parking spaces as well as a long promenade along the seafront, starting at the Carnac Yacht Club and ending at Pointe Churchill.

The Grande Plage is perfect for families with children, as swimming is monitored during the months of July and August, and several public toilets are available along the seafront. It’s also the only beach equipped with specialized access for people with reduced mobility. It holds the “Tourism and Handicap” label and has qualified equipment and assistants to accommodate people with reduced mobility.

Many facilities are offered on the Grande Plage, such as a children’s club, a beachside restaurant “Le Fisher”, a longe-côte center (sea walking), and the Yacht Club on the western end for water activities. During the summer period, the town also offers various activities at the entrance of the Grande Plage, such as Zumba classes, Zen experiences, fitness, or even Aquagym in the sea.

Entrance to the Grande Plage of Carnac, green bathing flag
Panoramic view of the Grande Plage of Carnac
Shaded area in front of the Grande Plage of Carnac
Building of the lifeguards on the Grande Plage of Carnac
Nautical base with sailboats on the Grande Plage of Carnac
View of the Grande Plage of Carnac from Pointe Churchill

Saint-Colomban Beach

The Saint-Colomban Beach is located at the end of Carnac. It’s a sandy beach situated not far from the oyster parks. Facing west, the Saint-Colomban Beach is often subjected to strong winds, making it very popular among water sports enthusiasts, especially for gliding sports like windsurfing and wingfoiling. Sunbathers and windsurfers frequently share the beach. Saint-Colomban features a supervised swimming area, public restrooms, and a club for learning windsurfing.

Following the coastal path along the shoreline, you’ll discover small cliffs, little white sand beaches, and several less crowded coves compared to the main beach. These small bays offer an appealing setting for activities like Stand-up Paddle (SUP) or canoe-kayak trips amidst the oyster parks and secluded coves.

Saint-Colomban Beach at the left end
Path of the Two Chimneys at Saint-Colomban
Spikes in front of the sea at Saint-Colomban
Fine sandy beach at Saint-Colomban, Carnac
Customs path facing the sea after Saint-Colomban
Saint Colomban Beach Carnac with windsurfing practitioners

Légenèse Beach

The Légenèse Beach in Carnac is a beautiful white sand beach. It faces directly south and is located on the eponymous boulevard, which connects the Carnac Yacht Club (harbor area on the right) to the Saint-Colomban Point. Légenèse Beach stretches for about 400 meters and is delimited by two rocky areas.

Légenèse is a pleasant and well-equipped family beach, including public toilets and a beach club called “Club des Marsouins.” However, it does not have lifeguards during the summer season.

View of Légenèse Beach in Carnac from the customs path
Children's club on Légenèse Beach
Rocky start of Légenèse Beach in Carnac
Légenèse Beach hidden behind vegetation
Panorama of Légenèse Beach in Carnac
View of Légenèse Beach in Carnac from the left

Ty Bihan Beach

Ty Bihan Beach is located on the Boulevard de Légenèse, before the Saint-Colomban Point. For reference, “Ty” means “house” and “Bihan” means “small” in Breton, so it’s the beach of the small house. Ty Bihan is a small beach, measuring about 350 meters long, particularly popular among teenagers and young adults.

Ty Bihan Beach is not very equipped: swimming is not monitored, and the beach has no public toilets or showers. However, a children’s club called “Club des Dauphins” is present on the beach. The public toilets of Saint-Colomban are also located less than 100 meters from Ty Bihan Beach.

Point of Ty Bihan Beach in Carnac
Steles before Ty Bihan Beach
Ty Bihan's fine sand beach without tourists
Ty Bihan's sandy beach in winter
Sand of Ty Bihan Beach
Panoramic view of Ty Bihan Beach

Beaumer Beach

Beaumer Beach is located at the border of Men Du Beach, connected to the town of La Trinité-sur-Mer. The beach is divided into two areas separated by a residence (Residence Orient) and also faces the small peninsula of Stuhan.

Beaumer Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Carnac, both calm and family-friendly. It is oriented to the east, which protects it well from the westerly winds.

Beaumer and Men Du Beach have the peculiarity of experiencing a significant retreat of the ocean during low tides, regardless of the tidal coefficient. The foreshore of Beaumer is quite extensive, making it a popular beach for enthusiasts of shore fishing. Clam, razor clam, or cockle enthusiasts, get your buckets and rakes ready!

View of Beaumer Beach with Pointe Churchill in the background
Beaumer Beach at low tide, Carnac
View of Stuhan Island from Beaumer Beach, Carnac
Second part of Beaumer Beach, Trinité-sur-Mer side
Beaumer Beach at high tide, Carnac
Beaumer Beach from the Pointe Churchill side, Carnac

Kerivor Beach

Often overlooked due to its remote location and modest size, Kerivor Beach is nevertheless one of the official beaches of Carnac. Stretching about 200 meters long, it has no facilities and is not supervised. It is located on the outskirts of Carnac before Anse du Pô and its oyster parks. It can be accessed from the Pointe du Po parking lot or by taking the coastal path from Saint Colomban Beach.

Kerivor Beach is a small sandy beach, very enjoyable at high tide during calm weather. At low tide, the beach is to be avoided as it becomes muddy, and the water recedes, making swimming nearly impossible. The beach is also facing west, which makes it particularly exposed to gusty winds. An isolated beach that is not lacking in charm and offers an escape from the larger touristy beaches of Carnac.

Entrance sign of Kerivor Beach in Carnac
Kerivor Beach viewed from above on the coastal path
Kerivor Beach at mid-tide under the sun
Kerivor Beach in Carnac during winter
Fine sand of Kerivor Beach in Carnac
Full view of Kerivor Beach